Mission Statement

Founded in 2009 for annual celebration of Broadlands becoming the 25th “Certified Community Wildlife Habitat®” by National Wildlife Federation in May 2008, this event’s mission is also to promote environmentally, economically and socially sustainable living among county residents and businesses.

Our goal is to educate, engage and inspire the entire community through workshops, activities, and exhibits, especially the next generation of environmental stewards. The event also creates an opportunity for local environmental organization(s) and businesses to connect with our community at large.

Our Values

  • We embrace diversity and a sense of community
  • We promote personal sense of responsibility to the environment

Event Objectives

  • To educate and inspire action through creating awareness and sense of urgency of environmental issues
  • To provide resources and tools to implement environmental practices as part of our daily routine
  • To support projects for conserving and restoring habitats and other environmental resources
  • To support students with science projects focused on the eco-systems, renewable energy and environmental sustainability in general
  • To educate the residents about becoming environmental stewards in their own lives
  • To provide public discussion forum for environmental issues at the local level
  • To facilitate a venue for our exhibitors to  introduce and inform the public, especially students with all major areas of Earth Sciences, including ecology, geology, biology, oceanography, and environmental sciences
  • To support projects for outreaching and educating Loudoun residents about natural resources
  • To celebrate accomplishments of eco-friendly living

Our Partners and Supporters