“The Nature Tent” is a place to EXPERIENCE native wildlife “up-close-and-personal” with a few common indigenous live animals — toads, turtles, harmless snakes, butterflies, interesting insects and other critters (many are seasonal).

Know your wild neighbors—local toads, harmless snakes, turtles, butterflies and insects.

Get to know indigenous wildlife and natural habitats. Learn basics of organic home landscaping, where all species (including us) thrive together in the Web of Life.

The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to:

Rehabilitation and release to the wild of injured, ill or orphaned native Virginia birds of prey (raptors); Education of the public about raptors and preservation of their habitat; and, endeavoring to increase the wild population of endangered and threatened raptors.

Meet our rescued friends to learn about their function in nature to keep it in balance.

Under the Sea

  Learn why the Chesapeake Bay is so valuable ecologically and economically to those who live in and around it, both historically (from John Smith forward) and today. 

Come and Meet Us!

Check out our ” 2012 ” ROCK For The EARTH! ” Stage Line Up!